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Photo by Riccardo Dragani.

Photo by Riccardo Dragani.

I have published scholarly essays and chapters on a variety of topics related to post-world War II popular culture including music, literature, and television. Some examples of essays other authors have cited and/or referenced include the following:

Stephens, Vincent. “Pop Goes the Rapper: A Close Reading of Eminem’s Genderphobia,” Popular Music

24.1 (January 2005): 21-36.

Books and Edited Collections:

Hip Hop's Amnesia: From Blues and the Black Women's Club Movement to Rap and the Hip Hop Movemen, Reiland Rabaka (Lexington Books, 2012).

Lowrider Space: Aesthetics and Politics of Mexican American Custom Cars, Ben Chappell (University of Texas Press, 2012.

Hip Hop Dance, Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar (ABC-CLIO, 2012).

 Imagining the Global: Transnational Media and Popular Culture Beyond East and West, Fabienne Darling-Wolf (University of Michigan Press, 2014).

“ B(l)ack to Last Drop? Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, and the Complexities of Racial Identity in Popular Culture, ”WM Lee. (In: Crossing Black: Mixed-Race Identity in Modern American Fiction and Culture, Sika Dagbovie-Mullins, editor; University of Tennessee Press, 2013).

“Masculine Domination in Private-Sector Popular Music Performance Education in England,” Gareth Dylan Smith. (In: Bourdieu and the Sociology of Music Education, Pamela Burnard, Ylva Hofvander Trulsson, and Johan Soderman, editors; Ashgate/Routledge, 2016).

Journal Articles:

“In Excess? Body Genres, “Bad” Music, and the Judgment of Audiences, ”Leslie M. Meier

Journal of Popular Music Studies 20.3 (2008).

 “Misogyny in Rap Music: A Content Analysis of Prevalence and Meanings, ”Ronald Weitze & Charis E. Kubrin

Men and Masculinities 12.1 (2009).

“Musical Cultures: To What Extent is the Language Used in the Song Lyrics of Hip-Hop and Country Music Reflective of and Shaped by Cultural Beliefs and Experiences?” Dwayne Engh. International Journal of English linguistics 3.5 (2013).

 “‘First things first, I'm the realest’: Linguistic appropriation, white privilege, and the hip‐hop persona of Iggy Azalea,” Maeve Eberhardt & Kara Freeman. Journal of Sociolinguistics 10.9 (2015).

“Ruptured Dreams: Female Students' Talk about Boys as Past "Lovers,” Joanne Cassar. IAFOR Journal of Education 6.1 (2018).


Stephens, Vincent. “Crooning on the Fault Lines: Theorizing Jazz and Pop Vocal Singing Discourse in the Rock Era, 1955-1978,” American Music 26.2 (Summer 2008): 156-95.


“Contemporary Vocal Artistry in Popular Culture Musics: Perceptions, Observations and Lived Experiences, ”Diane Hughes. (In: Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, S. Harrison S. and J. O'Bryan, editors; Springer 2014)

Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music, David Brackett (University of California Press, 2016).

“The Social Aesthetics of Swing in the 1940s: Or the Distribution of the Non-Sensible, ”David Brackett. (In: Improvisation and Social Aesthetics, Georgina Born, Eric Lewis, & Will Straw, editors, Duke University Press, 2017).

 Journal Articles:

“Sam Cooke as Pop Album Artist—A Reinvention in Three Songs, ”Mark Burford. Journal of the American Musicological Society 65.1 (2012). 

“From Beatles Fans to Beat Groups: A historiography of the 1960s all-girl rock band, ”Christine Feldman-Barrett. Feminist Media Studies 14.6 (2014).


Stephens, Vincent. “What Child Is This?: Closely Reading Collectivity and Queer Childrearing in Lackawanna Blues and Noah’s Arc,” African-American Review 44.1-2 (Spring/Summer 2011): 235-53.

Journal Articles:

“Intersectionality and Quare Theory: Fantasizing African American Male Same‐Sex Relationships in Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom," Shinsuke Eguchi,  Bernadette M. Calafell, & Nicole Files‐Thompson. Communication, Culture & Critique 7.3 (2014).

“The Construction of Racial Identity among Same Gender Loving Black Male Characters in Contemporary Film and Television,” Kameron J. Copeland. Journal of Black Sexuality and relationships 2.2 (2015).

 “Race-ing Queerness: Normative Intimacies in LOGO’s DTLA, ”Shinsuke Eguchi & Myra S. Washington. Journal of Communication Inquiry 40.4 (2016).

Books by Vincent:

Postracial America? An Interdisciplinary Study, (Bucknell University Press/Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), Vincent L. Stephens and Anthony Stewart, co-editors.

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Links to anthologies and books featuring essays written by Vincent:

Common Culture: Reading and Writing About Popular Culture. 5th ed.

 Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, Volume VIII. (David Horn, editor, 2012)

 Culture, Trauma, and Conflict: Cultural Studies Perspectives on War. 2nd ed. (Nico Carpentier, editor, 2015)

 Masquerade: Essays on Tradition and Innovation Worldwide (Deborah Bell, editor, 2014)